We Are Good In Quality Control & In Quality Management & In Quality Service.
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GIQ Technical Service Corporation

Phone : +86 15016688850

E-mail : gary.tang@foxmail.com

Website : www.giq-cn.com

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Address :  Room E420,JiaXin Square,Shunde District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province

About Us

Basic Information:

We GIQ is a really professional service team whom offer quality service to the customers. We GIQ was formed by 5 hot-blooded men full in quality management experiences in 2015.

Our Value:

We knew there were a lot of appliances accidents beside us; we knew the importance about the product safety in the human using; we knew so many buyers didn't know how to buy a good quality product.So we decided to form a service team to help the buyer to purchase the product with good quality, a team only focusing on the production and products quality.We devote to provide professional quality service for the products buyers around the world.

We are GIQ: We are good in quality control, we are good in quality management, we are good in quality service.

Our Service:

We only offer technical service about quality:


-Project Management: help the customers to organize the quality plan to assurance the product quality;

-Factory Audit: help the customer select a good factory satisfied the requirement.

-Product Test: help the customer to select a good quality product.

-Product Inspection: help the customer check the product safety, performance and using quality.

Contact us:

E-mail : gary.tang@foxmail.com

Tel : +86 15016688850

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