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Safety Test

For different product, different country,the safety test standards are different. But all the purpose of safety standards all are based on the human using no matter which country standard (CE,CB, GS, UL, ETL or else).

For electrical product or fuel using product, safety tests can be divided into 3 parts: Structure Safety, Electrical Safety/Fuel Safety and Pollution-free Safety; for others product, safety tests can be divided into 2 parts: Structure Safety, Pollution-free Safety.

safety test(3).JPG    safety test(4).JPG

-Structure Safety:

Product mechanical structure is about mechanical connection or disconnection between the products components, can't cause the mechanical injury for the people using, not only for the normal using, but also for the abnormal using.

-Electrical Safety/Fuel Safety:

Electrical product can't cause the electrical injury for the people using, no electrical risk, magnetic risk or fire risk for all the using status.

Fuel product can't cause the fire injury and fuel leakage injury for the people using, no using risk for all using status.

-Pollution-free Safety

The material of product can't be danger for the human using. Product should be pollution-free. Detected harmful matter should be in the limit of the regulation, such as RoHS, REACH, LFGB, FDA.

We test all the products based on the international standard and country local standard. We also test the product with full consideration about all the normal using status and abnormal using status to make sure the product safe.

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